Energy Monitoring

piattaforma di monitoraggio energetico

Real Time Energy Monitoring Platform for Energy Management


Our monitoring platform for the management of energy consumption is based on enterprise web technology and constitutes an open system, multi-user and multi-site, scalable both horizontally and vertically and can be integrated with the field through proprietary RTU components, or by directly interfacing any middleware already in place for technical systems management, with the ability to interact on different communication protocols (e.g. Modbus serial, Modbus TCP, TCP/IP, BACnet, etc).

The platform features are multiple and can be implemented depending on customer requirements, starting from simple monitoring to more complex configurations, complete with advanced energy analysis capabilities and real time control of field equipment, according a predetermined logic.



  • administration of user profiles, multi client and multi site configurations
  • acquisition and storage of measures
  • aggregation measures according to the pre determined logic
  • visualization and representation of measures through customizable graphs and charts
  • export functions
  • KPI and benchmarks definition
  • calculation of typical consumption profiles, seasonality
  • statistical and scientific analysis on consumption profiles (e.g. ABC curve, spectral analysis, correlation of data)
  • energy balance
  • bill auditing and scenario analysis on evaluating different energy supply options
  • real time control of technical systems according to predetermined logic