marine yacht solutions

Advanced Consultancy Services for the Marine and Yacht Sector

IESolutions offers advanced consultancy services for the marine and yacht sector, to support the identification of technical and technological solutions essential to define the design and the management requirements of modern hybrid generation and propulsion systems.

IESolutions competences in innovation and technological transfer supports the Clients throughout all the phases of both new building and refitting projects: conceptualization, design, and solution implementation.

IESolutions’ experience allows the Client to identify and to propose the best solution, based on the key requirements of confort, performance, and energy efficiency.

IESolutions’ consultancy services cover, among others, the following applications:

  • AC and DC distribution systems
  • Integrated generation and propulsion systems, and AES (All Electric Ship)
  • Integration of Lithium based BESS (Battery Energy Storage System), for both propulsion service and hoteling.
  • Real-time monitoring of the energy consumption and energy efficiency strategies.

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