informazioni monitoraggio risparmio energetico

Energy monitoring and Consultancy Services for Energy Saving

Our company offers highly qualified services in the energy and Information Technology fields, relying on strong links with the University of Genoa and with the IEES (Intelligent Electric Energy Systems) Laboratory), part of DITEN (Department of Naval, Electric, Electronic and TelecommunicationsEngineering).

IESolutions counts among its partners and staff professionals with long experience of activity in the energy sector, gained in the industrial and academic fields.

Thanks to a proprietary platform for real time monitoring of energy consumption, IESolutions offers to its customers a multi-site and multi-energy web based solution, to improve the management of energy expenditure with significant cost savings and to provide effective assistance in the development of an overall energy strategy.

IESolutions offers the following services:

Assistance in the search for optimal solutions to consume better, by improving energy efficiency:

  • through real time energy monitoring and correlation of the energy consumption data with production and/or management criteria
  • performing specific energy audits
  • optimizing the maintenance of facilities, with careful planning to minimize any production loss

Advice on energy supplies:

  • diagnosis of installations
  • proposals for organizational changes
  • supplier consultation
  • preparation of RFPs
  • definition of forecast scenarios
  • identification of the best proposal

Identification of alternative energy solutions:

  • analysis of regulations and incentives
  • energy certification
  • integration studies between electricity and heat consumption
  • feasibility study and design of small to medium size self generation units (cogeneration and from renewable sources)